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Sometime the pile of boxes in the lab get to be overwhelming. It seems that one thing developers will never be short of are a selection of development and evaluation kits. I only get to look at a small fraction of the ones on the market but there are plenty that come through the lab that are worthwhile but that I didn’t have time to do a full review on.

I named this article part 1 because I expect to do this kind of quick roundup periodically. I hope to give everyone exposure to the wide range of solutions developers can obtain to get started quickly on system design as well as evaluating options to be incorporated into products.

I’ve always found that looking at these kinds of systems often gives me some inspiration on how a chip or software package might be used. This is especially true for many of these kits that are extremely low cost but pack a significant amount of hardware or software that can be used as the basis for some very interesting products.

Maybe you will find some inspiration reading about these kits. This time around I take a look at some wireless support from Linx Technologies, a range of 8-bit kits from Silicon Labs and the picoPSU, a power supply targeted at compact motherboards like the Mini-ITX form factor from ITuner Networks.

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