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Eight-Bit MCU Provides On-Board Flash Memory

Designed for a wide range of applications, the ST72C254 eight-bit microcontroller (MCU) integrates 8 KB of embedded flash memory. This program memory is built with a single supply flash technology that allows the MCU to be reprogrammed up to 100 times, either by inserting the device into a programming board or within the application via a serial communication port.
The MCU's core is based on an industry-standard architecture with 63 instructions. With a 16-MHz clock speed, instruction execution time is as short as 250 ns, with interrupt management in <1 µs. Power consumption is typically less than 2 mA/MIPS.
Other features include 256 bytes of data RAM, two 16-bit timers with input capture, output compare and PWM modes, a 1-Mb/s SPI port, an I2C interface capable of operating up to 400 kHz, a six-channel A/D converter with a conversion time of less than 3 µs and 22 I/O pins, including eight that can drive 20 mA loads. Prices start at $1.44 each/25,000.


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