Electronic Design

Eight-Channel PC/104 Board Detects State Changes

Model 104-IIRO-8 is an eight-channel PC/104 utility board featuring change-of-state detection and 60-V optical isolation on the input lines. It offers standard Form C SPDT relay outputs. The isolated, nonpolarized input may be driven by either 3- to 30-V dc sources or ac sources at frequencies of 45 Hz to 10 kHz. The device features 24 channels total via one 50-pin header (eight each isolated inputs, transistor-transistor-logic inputs, and relay outputs). A 1.8-kΩ, 0.5-W resistor in series provides current limiting. The board may be installed in any standard PC/104 motherboard slot or stack. Model 104-IIRO-8 costs $180 and includes software and a manual.

Acces I/O Products Inc.
www.accesio.com; (858) 550-9559

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