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Eight-Port Serial I/O Board Supports Potpourri Of Protocols

An octal serial I/O PCI mezzanine card (PMC), the PMC-SIO, features eight ports supporting a number of synchronous and asynchronous protocols. The unit's eight ports have a well-balanced mix of a quad enhanced serial communication controller (ESCC) and a quad universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) equipped with the most commonly used EIA-232 or EIA-422/485 interfaces. The ports support speeds up to 3.6864 Mbits/s and multidrop full and half duplex with RTS flow control. The PMC-SIO board pro-vides both front and rear I/O. Versions are available for use in convection-cooled (SA and RA class) or conduction-cooled (RC class) environments. The PMC-to-PCI interface on the board uses a 33-MHz, 32-bit PLX PCI9030, with 3.3- or 5-V signaling and a serial EEPROM. The PMC-SIO board comes complete with a VxWorks Board Support Package. Available immediately, the PMC-SIO I/O board starts at $595.

Thales Computers
www.thalescomputers.com; (800) 848-2330

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