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Electronic Design

EI's PBGA Modules Launched Into Space

Endicott Interconnect Technologies' ultra fine pitch wire bond plastic ball grid array (PBGA) substrates and assembled modules were incorporated into Northrop Grumman's work with the Orbital Express system. Northrop Grumman is responsible for the design, production and operational support for the transfer and propulsion systems on Orbital Express satellites, which were launched last March. Endicott's PBGA modules are employed in the Space Technology Servicing Interface Electronics assemblies. These are responsible for processing, routing and control hardware and software that acts as the primary electronic interface for the fluid transfer system with the ASTRO and NextSat vehicles. These unmanned spacecraft have successfully demonstrated docking, inspecting, and servicing of satellites. Endicott's solution enables more computing power to be packed into a smaller space, which reduces board weight, said Endicott's microelectronics packaging product manager.

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