Electronic Design

Electrical-Analysis Tool Adds Parallel/Distributed Computing

PowerSI, Sigrity's full-wave electrical analysis tool, has been enhanced to enable parallel and distributed computing. The move means that large tasks formerly requiring lengthy processing can now be distributed among several CPUs in a computer, or among several computers, resulting in significant time savings that scales virtually linearly with the number of processors.

The PowerSI tool is optimized for and focused on frequency-domain analysis and provides fast, accurate full-wave electrical analysis of leading-edge IC packages and printed circuit boards (PCBs). It overcomes increasingly challenging high-speed design issues in power and signal integrity analysis. Most of the leading electronics companies globally have adopted PowerSI for advanced electrical analysis, making it the de facto standard power and signal integrity analysis solution in the industry.

A regular PowerSI license can support up to four CPUs in a single computer (the host computer) at no additional charge; there is a nominal charge for additional CPUs in host or non-host computers. However, there is no charge for accessing up to four CPUs in a non-host computer where there is another available PowerSI license. For customers requesting a license to access up to four CPUs in the non-host computer with an available PowerSI license, a new license file will be sent with no charge. The parallel/distributing computing feature is available now.

For more information, visit www.sigrity.com.

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