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PowerCache designs, develops, and manufactures a family of large- and small-cell ultracapacitors. Its products are used in the power quality assurance, wireless communications, automotive, industrial automation, medical, personal digital assistant, actuator, automated meter reader, scanner, and consumer electronic markets. The company's ultracapacitors extend the life of products by providing peak power requirements for overall energy management.
PowerCache is a part of Maxwell Technologies' Electronic Components Group -- a family of subsidiaries that designs and manufactures electronic components for a variety of markets. The group consists of PowerCache, Space Electronics, Inc., and Sierra-KD Components. PowerCache provides double layer carbon ultracapacitors for applications requiring high pulses of power; Space Electronics provides radiation-hardened electronic components and board-level products for space and satellite applications; and Sierra-KD provides multilayer ceramic capacitors and EMI filters for aerospace, medical and high-grade industrial applications.

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