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Embeddable Motherboard Packs Two Pentium IIIs

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Useful in desktop as well as embedded applications, the mNLX71 is said to be the first Dual Pentium III-based motherboard in a NLX format. It’s based on the latest Intel technology for processors and chipsets, which supports dual processors, an AGP controller and 100-MHz SDRAM. Applications include imaging, video servers, Internet and Intranet servers, routers, and telephony.Among the board’s features are an Intel BX chipset with support for 100-MHz system bus speeds and an AGP Bus for improved multimedia graphics capabilities. The card also offers LSI Logic’s PCI Ultra 2 SCSI controller for faster data access and enhanced I/O subsystem performance. There’s also an Intel Ethernet controller with advanced power management and wake-on-LAN functionality. Also, a Sound Blaster-compatible audio system features line in/out and MIC connection.

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