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Embedded: 3U SBC Hits Industrial Systems With FPGA Support

The 3U CompactPCI F11 single-board computer (SBC) can function as a single-slot CompactPCI system master or as a standalone computer system. It can handle Pentium III or Celeron processors with a performance range of 400 to 933 MHz. Its two Fast Ethernet and two serial RS-232 interfaces can be accessed at the front panel. It also has two USB ports, a VGA or UXGA graphics port, and a keyboard/mouse interface. I/O supported at the rear of the F11 includes four PXI trigger lines, an integrated development environment port, a serial communications channel, a third USB port, and a PS/2 interface. Storage support includes up to 512 Mbytes of small-outline dual-inline memorymodule RAM, a Compact Flash socket, and a slot for a 2.5-in. hard disk. The board includes a Cyclone FPGA for customized I/O such as AC'97 audio and controller-area network support. Pricing starts at $1195.

MEN Micro

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