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Embedded: AdvancedTCA SBC Grinds Away At Real-Time Processing Chores

Need a pair of 1.3-GHz PowerPC MPC7447A processors in an AdvancedTCA blade? A possible solution may lie in the KatanaQp processor blade. It offers four open PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card slots with Gigabit Ethernet connections. The board also supports an optional layer 2/3 Ethernet switch. The processors have access to three Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, 2 Gbytes of RAM, and 64 Mbytes of flash via the Marvel GT64460 system controller. An optional FPGA provides added customization capability. The blade also sports a PICMG 3.0 Intelligent Platform Management Interface with dual Intelligent Platform Management Buses. The single-board computer (SBC) is priced at $1995 with a single processor. It supports Carrier Grade Linux.

Artesyn Technologies

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