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Embedded Boards Enlist E6xx Series Atom Processors

Embedded Boards Enlist E6xx Series Atom Processors

The company now offers a full range of embedded boards based on the latest Intel Atom processors, the E6xx series, ranging from Computer On Modules (COMs) and PC/104 CPU modules, to 3.5” single-board computers (SBCs). Modular platforms include the SOM-7564 (COM-Ultra) 84 mm x 55 mm boards with built-in iManager, SOM-3564 (QSeven) 70 mm x 70 mm modules, and the SOM-6764 (COM-Express Compact) 95 mm x 95 mm boards. Also on tap are SBCs such as the PCM-3364 (96 mm x 90 mm PC/104), and PCM-9364 (3.5”/146 mm x 102 mm) that integrate all functions. These include LVDS, CRT, Ethernet, USB client, Mini-PCI express, UART, GPIO, CFast, and CAN. Lastly, the SOM-AB5500 is a 3.5” carrier board (for SOM-7564) with a smart-battery manager. ADVANTECH CORP., Irvine, CA. (800) 866-6008.

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