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Embedded Cards Add Computing Power Anywhere In LANs/WANs

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Capable of supporting Socket 370 Celeron, Pentium III and VIA C3 processors up to 133-MHz front side bus (FSB), the EBC-2000 Series embedded boards are seen playing roles in routing, VPN, VoIP gateway, Firewall, load balancing, and other networking applications. The cards have a network engine with Triple LAN and a MiniPCI Type II-compatible interface for SCSI, security card, wireless LAN, or user-specific application cards. The EBC-2000 Series boards are designed to add a computing system/platform anywhere in a LAN or WAN, thereby easing extension of network connectivity and computing performance. The CD-ROM-size boards have three LAN connectors for accepting an Intel 82559 10/100-Mb Ethernet/Fast Ethernet chipset and a 168-pin DIMM socket for up to 512 MB of unbuffered PC-133 SDRAM with ECC function (for server capability). The EBC-2000 also provides methods for connecting nodes or external devices. Price: $359 each/10. For more details, call Alan Wells at ADLINK TECHNOLOGY AMERICA INC., Irvine, CA. (949) 727-2077.

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