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Embedded: CompactPCI SBC Supports IPMI System Management

The CP16 single-board computer (SBC) supports a range of PICMG standards, including the PICMG 2.9 IPMI, PICMG 2.1 hot-swap, and PICMG 2.16 Packet Switch Backplane. It features a front-access PMC slot, a CompactFlash slot, dual 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet ports, and Gigabit Ethernet backplane support. The 1.8-GHz Pentium M processor can handle up to 2 Gbytes of DDR200/266 memory. The optional Rear Transition Module, RTM25, is available with or without dual Ultra320 SCSI interfaces. Prices start at $2995.

Trenton Technology Inc.

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