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Embedded Computer Board Supports 550-MHz CPU & SVGA Accelerator

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An on-board 3D AGP SVGA accelerator enables the PIA-671 half-size single-board computer to support up to 8 Mbytes of SDRAM. The board is for AMD K6-III CPUs and is said to be a good choice for embedded applications requiring both high-speed system and display performance.With its 100-MHz front-side bus, the board supports CPUs at up to 550 MHz. Also on the board is a fast PCI IDE controller supporting ATA PIO/DMA and Ultra DMA33/66 with transfer rates up to 66 Mbytes/s. There’s also a SiS 530 embedded chipset with SiS’s 3D AGP hardware that allows 3D acceleration at 100 MHz on a 64-bit internal host bus. With this architecture, the video transfer rate is 800 Mbytes/s, which is far superior to conventional 32-bit buses at 66 MHz. Also on the board are two RS-232 ports with 16C550 and 16-byte FIFO, as well as one bi-directional printer port.

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