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Embedded: DSP Board Supports LabView Data Acquisiton And Control

The SI-C6713DSP-PCI DSP board streamlines analog development using National Instruments' LabView software development tool. The board includes Texas Instruments' 300-MHz TMS320C6713 DSP with up to 256 Mbytes of RAM. It supports an expansion module, but the combination still requires only a single PCI slot. The module includes an analog interface with up to 64 inputs and 16 outputs, as well as a timing interface with two digital synthesizers and four counters. Its digital interface comprises 32 bits of general-purpose I/O, two quadrature encoders, two frequency counters, and two pulse-width modulation outputs. Drivers for LabView are included. The SIC6713DSPPCI DSP board with 64 Mbytes of SDRAM starts at $1985, with I/O modules starting at $595.

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Sheldon Instruments

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