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Embedded Ethernet Switch Enables New Architecture

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By taking advantage of a new switching matrix integrated into a CompactPCI backplane, the CPC4400 embedded Ethernet switch is said to double system throughput at a lower cost and in an 80% smaller footprint. A carrier-grade, layer 3 Ethernet switch in a 6U CompactPCI form factor, the CPC4400 both simplifies and speeds system performance by connecting each board in a system by high-speed Ethernet, instead of relying on the bus.
The CPC4400 offers the option of sending all Ethernet signals through the midplane of a cPCI system. This moves system traffic from the shared bus architecture to a fault-tolerant, packet-switched backplane. The board is designed to replace enterprise switches in central office environments. List price of the CPC4400 is $5,995 for a 24-port 10/100 TX + 2 port Gb SX configuration.

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