Electronic Design

Embedded: FPGAs Linked Via Race++

A pair of Xilinx Virtex II FPGAs resides on the MCJ6 FCN. This 6U VME board has a pair of RACE++ links tied to the FPGAs through a RACE++ crossbar switch. Each FGPA offers 8 Mbytes of SRAM and 128 Mbytes of RLDRAM. Each FPGA's front panel contains a dozen 2.5-Gbit/s fiber connections, 26 200-MHz low-voltage differential-signaling connections, and four full duplex 2.5-Gbit/s links. The board can be configured using the company's FPGA Developers Kit (FDK) toolset. The MCJ6 FCN goes for $24,000.

Mercury Computer Systems Inc.

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