Electronic Design

Embedded: Low-Power SBC Has A Hankering For Network Applications

The WINIP-06039 single-board computer (SBC) employs a 400-MHz or 1-GHz Via Eden processor. (The latter requires a fan.) Included is a 10/100BaseT interface, along with support for CRT, 36-bit thin-film-transistor LCD, and low-voltage differential-signaling displays, as well as AC'97 audio. The board handles up to 512 Mbytes of SDRAM. Integrated-development-environment support includes a CompactFlash socket. Expansion is available via PC/104 and PCI-104. Four USB ports, a parallel port, four serial ports, and eight digital ports populate the SBC. Also incorporated is full Red Hat Linux driver support. Pricing starts at $255.

Win Enterprises

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