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Embedded Modules Run .NET Micro Framework Plus

The Embedded Master family of modules implements Microsoft's .NET Micro Framework, allowing developers to run C# managed code inside Embedded Master or use Visual Studio to create and debug programs. Reportedly, the modules are the first to run the .NET Micro Framework while adding a FAT File System and USB Host capabilities on a 1.55" x 1.55" board. Users can access files on SD cards, thumb drives, USB hard drives, etc., and also use other USB devices such as, mice, keyboards, joysticks, printers, and Bluetooth dongles. Other module features include a 70-MHz ARM7 LPC2468 processor, Ethernet with full TCP/IP stack, two USB ports (host and device), serial interfaces, 4 x 10-bit analog inputs, one 10-bit analog output, PWM, 8 MB of SDRAM and 4.5 MB of flash, support for 128x64 pixel LCDs, and 45 I/O pins, 35 of which can be external interrupt pins. Deriving power via the USB or an external supply, the module requires 3.3V/125 mA at peak, but provides various lower-power modes to reduce power consumption. Price is $79 each. SAELIG CO., Pittsford, NY. (888) 772-3544.

Company: SAELIG CO.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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