Electronic Design

Embedded SBC Offers Ethernet Connectivity

The BL2100 Smartcat single-board computer (SBC) features Ethernet connectivity and keypad/display options in one small package. With a compact 4.14- by 3.41-in. form factor, it suits embedded control and data acquisition. It's ideal for remotely monitoring and supervising other programmable systems. The BL2100 is available in four flexible configurations--two with Ethernet, and two without. All Smartcat models feature 40 digital I/Os, three RS-232/485 serial ports, a 22.1-MHz Rabbit 2000 microprocessor, 128 kbytes of SRAM, 256 kbytes of flash, seven timers, and a battery-backed real-time clock. The BL2100 and BL2120 models include 11 channels of 12-bit resolution a-d input and four channels of 12-bit d-a output. 16 digital push/pull outputs allow per-point sinking or sourcing. Programs are developed for the BL2100 using the company's Dynamic C Premier software development system. A tool kit is also available for the BL2100. Pricing for Ethernet models starts at $249. Non-Ethernet versions begin at $209.

www.zworld.com; (530) 757-3737

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