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Embedded System Module Performs Server Duties

Introduced as the embedded market's smallest server platform, the EM6 embedded system module (EMS) employs either an Intel Core Duo or single core Celeron M processor in combination with an Intel 3100 chipset. Also on board is an Altera Cyclone FPGA, which boots from 1 GB of flash memory that is soldered directly to the board. Updates made inside the boot flash during operation are available after a system reboot. The module's DDR2 SDRAM memory with error correction (ECC) is also soldered in. Front I/O consists of two Gigabit Ethernet controllers via PCI Express and two serial interfaces via RJ-45 connectors. For development, the EK8 ESM starter kit includes the standard CPU module, a pre-configured FPGA, carrier card with I/O connectors, an external PSU, and an adapter for mounting a PCI-104 module. Pricing for the EM6 is $1,577 with a delivery time of two weeks ARO. For more details, contact Stephen Cunha at MEN MICRO INC., Ambler, PA. (215) 542-9575.


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