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Fast STD 32 Bus Processor Sports Ethernet, Video, And PC/104
The VL-686-2, an STD 32 single-board computer (SBC), features a Pentium MMX processor, 10/100 Ethernet, PC/104-Plus expansion, and a CompactFlash option. It supports standard socket 7 (MMX/3D class) CPUs up to 400 MHz, including Pentium, K6, K6-2, K6-III, and the low-power K6-2E for fanless operation. On-board memory capacity includes 2-Mbyte video RAM, up to 128 Mbytes of system RAM, and up to 72 Mbytes of DiskOnChip flash. Also, its battery-backed static RAM option permits infinite read/write cycling with full power-fail protection.

The SBC boasts a fail-safe RS-485, a second IDE port for an optional CompactFlash adapter, single-voltage (5-V) operation, a 512k L2 cache, and reprogrammable BIOS. Its latching high-density I/O connector supports standard system I/O, including an IDE interface, two COM ports, an LPT, a keyboard, and extra counter/timer channels.

Versions include AMD K-2 3D Now CPUs in 266 and 400 MHz. Both cost under $1500 in low OEM quantities. A fanless, low-power 266-MHz model is available in about the same price range. All versions are in stock. Customizing is available in quantities as low as 25 pieces.

VersaLogic Corp., 3888 Stewart Rd., Eugene, OR 97402; (541) 485-8575; fax (541) 485-5712; www.versalogic.com.

Audio/Video Codec Makes Digital Video Recording Affordable
The SM2288 is a real-time MPEG-2 audio/video encoder and decoder. In encode mode, it accepts video and audio to produce an MPEG-compliant program bit stream. In decode mode, it accepts either an MPEG program bit stream or audio and video elementary streams. It also produces video and audio output in the decode mode.

Algorithmic and architectural features such as its proprietary high-performance motion estimation let the SM2288 provide high-quality video over a wide range of bit rates. Resolutions up to full D1 are supported with constant and single-pass variable bit rates to 15 Mbits/s. Both NTSC and PAL video formats are supported for worldwide applications.

This device performs real-time encoding and decoding of digital video in MPEG-2 Main Level @ Main Profile. It executes real-time encoding and decoding of two-channel digital audio in either Dolby Digital or MPEG. A programmable system multiplexer/demultiplexer, an integrated 8-bit OSD, and a direct interface to video modulator/ demodulator, as well as audio analog/digital and digital/analog, cut system costs.

Available in the second quarter, the SM2288 single-chip audio/video codec costs less than $35 in volume.

Stream Machine, 2345 North First St., Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95131; (408) 435-9166; fax (408) 435-9167; Internet: www.streammachine.com.

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