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Embedded Vision Card Has Built-In Image Recognition Capabilities

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Designed to perform high-speed image recognition, the NeuroSight embedded board numbers among its key components a 3'' x 4'' color CMOS sensor module with a 352 x 288-pixel resolution for video acquisition, a zero instruction set computing (ZISC) silicon neural network of 156 neurons for pattern learning and recognition, a memory bank, several I/O user lines, and a FPGA that makes the card programmable. These components allow NeuroSight boards to be configured as a smart camera for person identification, fingerprint recognition, target tracking, wood grading, pc board inspection, fruit sorting, and more. And all without the need of model programming or PC computing power. NeuroSight is intended for integration in standalone smart cameras or other appliances, but can be interfaced to a PC serial or parallel port for configuring the FPGA and loading a recognition engine in the neural network. The FPGA can be programmed to perform operations, such as image acquisition control, on-the-fly pixel processing, feature extraction, and communication with the neural network and I/O lines. With a color CIF video sensor, the 3'' x 6'', 5V NeuroSight costs $795 (includes CD-ROM with a NeuroSight Loader utility). For more details, contact Anne Menendez at GENERAL VISION INC., Petaluma, CA. (707) 765-6150, ext. 203.

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