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Embedded VME Board Has Pentium II For Industrial Uses

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Designed for embedded applications, the VP EMB/P22 is a Pentium II-based, single-slot, PC-compatible VME board intended for use in industrial, scientific, communications, telemetry and medical applications. Because the board is based on the Intel Embedded Mobile Module for its low power consumption, a CPU fan is not required. This board provides for up to 256 Mbytes of SDRAM, EIDE with support for Ultra-DMA 33, USB, balanced RS-422 and optically isolated input/output as well as all the standard PC interfaces for floppy drives, RS-232 communications, printer port, keyboard and mouse. Also included is an Ethernet interface supporting 10BaseT and 100BaseTX through an RJ-45 connector on the front panel. For embedded applications, 8 Mbytes of flash EPROM is available along with up to 2 Mbytes of battery-backed SRAM. A separate 512-kbyte flash EPROM is used for BIOS.

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