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EMI Shields Snap Onto PCBs

Consisting of metallized, thermoformed plastic, snapSHOT provides EMI shielding for pc boards, attaching to the board using a patented snap attachment mechanism. The board-level, multi-cavity shielding can accommodate intricately shaped boards and is said to be easy to install and remove. Electrically insulative on the inside, the lightweight shielding is also said to offer significant thickness reductions over existing products. Before installing the shields, BGA spheres are first stenciled onto the pc board panel and the populated board reflowed, permanently attaching the spheres. The shield is then snapped into place. The spheres provide the electrical connection to the ground plane, as well as a mechanical means for retaining the shielding. Packaged in bulk, trays, or in tape-and-reels, the new shields can be installed manually or with automated equipment. More details are available from W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATES, Elkton, MD. (800) 445-4673.


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