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EMI/RFI SHIELDING- An expanded, 44-page shielding catalog makes it simple to specify the proper gasket by detailing EMI/RFI shielding products for all electronic applications such as doors, panels, covers, connectors, enclosures, and cabinets. The guide features to-scale technical drawings and compression values for beryllium copper finger stock strips, including No-Snag fingers, Omni contacts, panel gaskets, strip gaskets, reverse bend, cylindrical and spherical contacts, plus contact rings, "D" connector gaskets, and board-level shielding. It illustrates various installation styles, including clip-on, snap-on, stick-on, hook-on, special and track mounting. Also pictured are knitted mesh shielding, with or without optional elastomer core or environmental seal, various gasket materials, fan vents, filters, and honeycomb vents.


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