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Emulation Probes Speed Firmware Development

Downloading and single-stepping of code at up to four times the speed of the firm's current fastest probes is made possible by its next-generation emulation probes. The probes support the IBM PowerPC 400, 600 and 700, the Motorola MPC 600, 700, 7400, 8240 and 8260, and the ARM7 and ARM9 families of microcontrollers. They're said to provide the fastest run control on the market for designers involved with bringing up boards, developing firmware, or integrating hardware and software.The HP E5900B and E5901B probes are standalone, LAN-based debugging tools that take advantage of the MCUs'on-chip emulation capabilities. When used with a debugger, the probes enable users to view and download source code, set breakpoints, single-step through code, and examine and modify source-code variables. Systems can be run and debugged at full speed.

Company: AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES - Test and Measurement Organization

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