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Emulator/Programmer Unit Conducts In-Circuit Debugging Without Probes

The inDART-HC08 series of low-cost, in-circuit debuggers/ISP programmers is based on a universal emulator/programmer unit and a number of device-specific evaluation boards. It takes advantage of Metrowerks' Code-Warrior HC08 integrated development environment and the in-system programming (ISP) feature to program the flash memory of Motorola's HC08 family of microcontrollers. Full-speed program execution lets users perform real-time hardware and software testing. The device is connected to the host PC through a USB port. The product's 16-pin connector fits into the target's standard MON08 connector. With support for 2.2- to 5.0-V devices, the debugger/programmer offers real-time code execution and in-circuit debugging without probes. The tool includes the CodeWarrior IDE, complete with editor, assembler, C compiler, and debugger. The emulator/programmer unit alone costs $249. With a device-specific evaluation board, the package costs $299.

SofTec Microsystems; +39 0434 640729

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