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Encapsulant Protects CSPs And BGAs

For mobile phones and other handheld products, CN-1432 re-workable, under-fill encapsulant protects CSP and BGA devices from shock, vibration, and repetitive keypad actuations. The material exhibits a viscosity of 4,500 cps and flows to a distance of 18 mm in as little as 15 sec. It self-fillets to eliminate the need for seal passes to create complete and symmetrical fillets. After flow is complete, the board can be cured in an in-line oven for five minutes at 165°C. Device removal is achieved by heating the defective CSP or BGA and the under-fill encapsulant to 220°C and, after device removal, residues may be easily scraped or brushed away. ZYMET INC., East Hanover, NJ. (973) 428-5245.

Company: ZYMET INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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