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Enclosure System Gives Home To Embedded Computer Boards

In the SBC Housing enclosure system, designers find a suitable enclosure for popular embedded computing products such as the WinSystems SBC, Ampro Littleboard, parvus PC/104 Quad motherboard and others. The compact, two-part aluminum extrusion has tongue-and-groove edges and standard dimensions of 3" x 6.55" x 11". It offers EMI shielding and heat sinking for compact applications.Optional sidewall extensions allow enclosure heights to be made greater than 3" in increments of 0.5". The extrusions have 0.10" grooves along the inside sidewalls for cooling and pcb or septum support. Bottom mounting grooves are equipped with 6-32 threaded holes. Also available are optional NEMA end-cap plates that fit NEMA end caps. These fit the housing to create a seamless, sealed NEMA-rated enclosure. Standard finish is clear anodized; raw or custom finishes are available.


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