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Cabinet Line Features Variety Of Sizes And Options
Models in the Spartan line of cabinets come in standard vertical and sloped panel versions. Optional wedges let users gang cabinets together into custom console configurations. Front and rear doors, along with removable side panels, are standard. A 10- by 10-in. cutout in the base provides cable entry. A range of heights is available, and 19- and 24-in. standard widths are offered. Two pairs of panel-mounting angles with adjustable EIA-standard spacing are included. A variety of standard accessories, such as cooling fans, casters, slides, and power outlet strips, are available as well.

Cabinets are shipped within three to five days. Constructed with 16-gauge cold rolled steel for heavy load capacities, they come fully assembled for immediate use. Contact the company for pricing information.

Premier Metal Products Co., 381 Canal Pl., The Bronx, NY 10451; (718) 993-9200; fax (718) 993-9211; www.premiermetal.com.

Gasket Provides Front Panel With Safety And Durability
Designed to IEEE 1101.10, the Schroff CompactPCI/VME64X is an EMC "U" channel extruded front-panel assembly that alleviates the mechanical tolerance build-up associated with multiple board installations. It also relieves the subsequent distortion in attenuation that occurs with metal EMC gaskets. This panel's smooth, soft-edged gasket keeps users from cutting their fingers. It also doesn't scratch or slice other components that come into contact with it.

Constructed of a nonwoven, conductive silver-plated fabric and a high-tack conductive adhesive, the gasket won't crack after repeated flexing. Its resilient foam inner core is made out of polyester polyurethane. With a 60-dB shielding performance between 30 MHz and 1 GHz, it operates in accordance with MIL-STD-285. It has been tested to 800,000 cycles with no reduction in surface resistivity as well.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Pentair Electronic Packaging, 3757 Annapolis, Ste. 105, Plymouth, MN 55447; (612) 509-7000; fax (612) 509-7005; www.pentair-ep.com.

Electronic Cabinets Meet Military And TEMPEST Specifications
The Heavy Duty line of EMI/RFI-shielded electronic cabinets has been tested and approved for FCC, military, and TEMPEST requirements. Models in the line meet specifications set by MIL-STD-810D, section 514.3, paragraphs 7, 8, and 9. The tests were de-signed to simulate a 20-year lifespan in a mobile installation over rough terrain. They included six hours of random vibration and a 10-G shock for 11 ms on three axes of the enclosures, which were filled with 100 lbs of weight. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Equipto Electronics Corp., 351 Woodlawn Ave., Aurora, IL 60506-9988; (800) 204-RACK, (630) 897-4691; fax (630) 897-5314; www.equiptoelec.com.

1U Rackmount Chassis Targets SBC, ECB, And ATX Motherboards
The MCH-102, -103, and -104 are members of a series of 1U, 19-in. rackmount chassis. They can be configured with single-board computer (SBC), embedded computer board (ECB), and ATX/MicroATX form-factor motherboards. Their high-speed 8.5-CFM ball-bearing fans keep systems cool with an even airflow over all components, even under high or unexpected heavy loads. They also feature a power switch, a reset switch, HDD/power LED indicators, and a PS/2 keyboard connector behind a secured lockable door.

Using an ATX or a MicroATX form-factor compatible motherboard base plate, the MCH-104 accommodates four disk drives. The MCH-102 model provides a space-efficient, easy to assemble, removable tray with an industrial passive backplane for two full-size ISA or PICMG cards. The -102 and -103 models both have spacious drive bays, two front-accessible disk drives, and two internally mounted disk drives. Both of these models also have shock-resistant drive bays and lockable front-panel doors.

The -102 and -103 cost $280, while the -104 costs $265.

MiTAC Industrial Corp., 42001 Christy St., Fremont, CA 94538; (510) 656-5288; fax (510) 656-2669; www.mitacinds.com.

Rugged Chassis Designed Around HD167.10 Components
The Titan Chassis, designed for ruggedized enclosures for CompactPCI and VME64 extensions, was built around HD167.10 components. Its plug-in power supply is meant to be used in high-availability environments where withstanding excessive shock and vibration is critical. Two reverse impeller-style fan modules located in the top of the unit cool the system. A microcontroller-based Ultra-Smart Module option monitors voltage, temperature, and controls.

Several other features are included. The 6U 8-slot CompactPCI backplane comes with one or two power supplies. The chassis itself has modular peripheral mounting. Ruggedized to meet NEBS, its designers kept military applications in mind as well. It has been tested to MIL-STD-167-1 Type 1, nonoperational, and approved for MIL-S-901 Lightweight, Shock Grade B, Equipment Class 1, Shock Test Type B, nonoperational.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

APW Electronic Solutions, 14100 Danielson St., Poway, CA 92064-6898; (858) 679-4550; www.apw-elsol.com.

CompactPCI Configurations Meet IEEE 1101 Specifications
Two models have been added to the Ripac CompactPCI Subrack Systems line. Both models meet IEEE 1101.1, 1101.10, and 1101.11 specifications, along with the PICMG CompactPCI requirements and hot-swap specifications. Their all-aluminum construction has a maximum depth of less than 12 in., and they accept front boards that are 160 mm deep. They also have high-velocity front-to-rear cooling (240 cfm), along with an ac line filter and cable harness, power-supply voltage monitor LEDs, and an ac power switch.

These systems are available in two versions. The first system, the 3687302, measures 9U by 84HP by 296.72 mm. It offers front-load removable, hot-swap RiCool blower assemblies and 350-W hot-swap N+1 redundant power supplies. The second version, the 3687301, measures 8U by 84HP by 290.5 mm. It provides dual RiCool blower assemblies and 350-W front-load removable hot-swap N+1 redundant power supplies.

These two configurations range in price from $1100 to $1300.

Rittal Corp., 1 Rittal Pl., Springfield, OH 45504; (800) 477-4000; fax (937) 390-5599; www.rittal-corp.com.

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