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Enclosures Are For Handheld Terminals

Aimed at mobile data recording and instrumentation applications, Datec-Control S case is said to be more advanced than simple T cases often used for such purposes. The narrow hand section and ergonomic shape make it a comfortable fit in the hand. The base part of the case has an access plate for the battery compartment that snaps into place or can be screwed down. Three screw-in battery holders are offered that accept four 1.5V AA cells, one 9V cell or two 9V cells. These add-on compartments are easily fit into the base part inside the access plate. A recessed area is provided on the top for membrane keyboards. Standard material is ABS (UL 94 HB), and standard colors are off-white or black. Dimensions are 8.98" x 4.61" x 1.85" with display area measuring 4.45" x 3.39" Two other sizes are 10.47" long for large and 9.53" long for medium size terminals.


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