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Enclosures Meet Military COTS Requirements

Designed to meet stringent military COTS requirements, the CoolSlot line of rack-mount enclosures are configured with a 12-slot VME64x backplane, three rear-mounted, 350-W hot swappable power supplies with N+1 redundant configuration and three front-mounted carriers for six hot-pluggable SCSI LVD hard drives. Cooling is provided via four dc fans mounted in a removable fan tray below the card cage and four more dc fans straddling the rear-mounted power supplies. Sustainable operation is possible in fan-failure mode. System monitoring indicates three conditions of performance, nominal, degrade, and fail. Overheating is solved with air deflecting CoolSlot card guides which eliminate dead spots on boards and provide more uniform airflow throughout the system. Pricing starts at $3,950.

Company: HYBRICON CORP. - Sales Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

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