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Enclosures Seek Modern Electronics

The new Sprint enclosures are compact and ergonomic housings for modern electronics. Typical applications include computer peripherals, smart card readers, medical devices and point-of-sale equipment. The enclosure comes in two versions and has a modern curved design. One version is specifically designed for housing a pc board fitted with a smart card reader. The front has a wide slot for inserting the card into the reader. An aperture at the rear gives clearance for a board-mounted, 9-way, Sub-D connector, for data and power. The other version of the case is closed at the front and rear so that it can be modified to suit different types of connectors, LEDs and controls. Sprint cases are molded in off-white or anthracite ABS. Mounting pillars are located in the top and base parts for pc boards, and assembly is by two self-tapping screws. The external case dimensions are 4.49" x 2.91" x 0.97". The company can modify the enclosure with all necessary holes, cutouts, logos, legends, shielding, or other specifications. Pricing starts at $6 each. For further information, contact TEKO ENCLOSURES INC., Bridgeville, PA. (800) 965-9872.


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