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Enclosures Suit Consumer Electronics

Six new models of the 160 series Art-Case enclosures have been designed for housing OEM and consumer electronics. Unlike the existing 110 series Art-Cases, which are round, the 160 series enclosures have an oval shape measuring 6.30" x 4.33" in heights of 1.49", 1.61", 2.48" and 3.74". Art Cases are suitable for hand-held, table top and wall mounting applications, and can even be inverted and fitted to a ceiling. Art-Cases are manufactured in off-white ABS, with special colors available on request. The top parts can be flat, with a recess for a membrane or domed keypad. The bottom part is inclined and can be fitted with a battery compartment for two AAA cells. Optional bases increase the height by 0.86" and 2.05" and angle by 30° or 60°. Internal screw pillars are used for mounting pc boards. The cases are assembled by self-tapping screws. Pricing starts at $9. OKW ENCLOSURES INC., Bridgeville, PA. (800) 965-9872.


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