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Enclosures Use Horizontally Mounted Backplanes To Maximize Space

Members of a line of 6U CompactPCI enclosures are specifically designed to meet the requirements of networking and datacom customers. The 1U, 2U, and 4U enclosures provide horizontally mounted backplanes to allow the most boards possible per enclosure. The 8U enclosure supports one master controller and up to 12 peripheral boards.

The 1U and 2U enclosures use side-to-side ventilation with three fans supplying a constant airflow across the boards. The 4U and 8U versions feature front-to-rear airflow. In the 8U carrier-class enclosure, hot-swap fans mounted below the card cage draw ambient air in while hot-swap blowers above the card cage pull the air across the boards and exhaust it out the rear of the enclosure.

The two-slot backplane in the 1U enclosure and the four-slot backplane in the 2U enclosure are jumper-configurable for 33- or 66-MHz operation. The eight-slot and 14-slot backplanes can be ordered with the H.110 telephony bus. Optionally, a 16-slot backplane can be provided with the 8U enclosure. While the 1U and 2U enclosures are powered by a 130-W power supply, the 4U enclosure is equipped with dual hot-swap 300-W supplies. The 8U enclosure can be configured with up to four hot-swappable 3U modular 175- or 200-W supplies, depending on system requirements.

The 1U enclosure costs $650 without a rear transition module and $695 with support for a rear I/O. The 2U, 4U, and 8U (with 14-slot H.110 backplane and four 175-W supplies) enclosures cost $895, $1295, and $4895, respectively. All versions are available immediately.

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(760) 745-9883; www.onestopsystems.com

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