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Energy-Efficient Multimedia Panel PCs Boast Large, Bright Display

A large, bright 17-in. LCD screen is a notable feature of the PPC-177T panel PC. The larger display is suited for image-based applications that require more on-screen real estate. The PC, which is based on an Intel Core2 Duo processor and Intel 945GME chipset, also offers a dual Gigabit LAN port configuration as well as four serial ports and four USB 2.0 ports. The PC can run various Windows operating systems, including Windows XPE, WinXP Pro, orVista, giving it extra versatility. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, the PPC-177T meets the requirements of a diverse set of industrial computing platforms ranging from factory and machine automation to point of information solutions. The Core2 Duo processor and Intel 945 GME chipsets power almost any application and are especially suited for industrial equipment makers, mobility equipment, and monitoring and process control equipment. The PPC-177T also makes a suitable host information appliance and it meets IP65/NEMA4 protection standards. The system is dust-tight and water-resistant, which allows it to function in a wide range of environments. Onboard hardware monitoring protects it against overheating and ensures added reliability for critical applications. The 17-in. LCD touch screen is also available in resistive touch, capacitive touch, and SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) technologies, to suit any application need. The PPC-177T is available now. ADVANTECH CORP., Irvine, CA. (800) 866-6008.


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