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Enhanced Bandwidth DSP Board Supports Next-Gen Switch Fabric

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Four 500-MHz PowerPC 7410s coupled with QuadFlow, a new non-blocking architecture, help make the Champ-AV II a strong contender for use where numerous processors and a high-performance switch fabric interconnect are required. The board is targeted primarily at sonar, radar, signal intelligence, and other complex defense and aerospace DSP applications. QuadFlow is designed to deliver high node-to-node data flow, which when combined with the 7410's digital signal processing enhancements, enable the Champ-AV II to reportedly achieve the highest performance of any VMEbus DSP product. In the board's independent-node architecture, each 500-MHz processor has a 2-MB L2 cache and its own bank of SDRAM, each up to 256 MB, all helping the card effectively handle memory-intensive applications. The Champ-AV II offers up to 2 GB/s of peak aggregate bandwidth and two PMC sites that support 64-bit/66-MHz transfers, with a peak rate of 528 MB/s. Price of the card starts at $17,000. For more details, call Duncan Young at DY 4 SYSTEMS, Kanata, Ontario, Canada. (613) 599-9199, ext. 298.

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