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Enhanced Power-Management IC Scrimps On Board Space, Cost

The AS3603 takes up 60% less pc-board space at half the cost of its predecessor, the AS3601 programmable power-management IC. Aimed at mobile devices like cell phones, PDAs, and digital cameras, this Austriamicrosystems device features a highly efficient dc-dc downconverter and ultra-low-power low-dropout (LDO) regulators, all programmable in 0.05-V steps.

The IC has two digital low-noise (0.75 to 2.5 V, 200 mA), three RF low-noise (1.85 to 3.4 V, 150 mA), two RF low-noise (1.85 to 3.4 V, 75 mA), one single in-line module low-power (3 V, 20 mA), one peripheral low-noise (2.5-3.2 V, 150 mA), and one low-power (2.5 V, 10 mA) LDO regulators.

It features step-down (1 to 3 V up to 500 mA) and step-up (15 V, 45 mA for white LEDs) dc-dc converters and a programmable 1-W stereo audio power amplifier with an 8-(omega) bridged output. Other features include low noise of 35 µVRMS from 100 Hz to 100 kHz, 1-mV static and 10-mV transient line and load regulation, and a 70-dB power-supply rejection ratio.

An on-chip programmable battery charger supports all lithium- and nickel-based batteries. It features constant current, constant voltage, and trickle charge.

The AS3603 is available in a QFN48, 6- by 6-mm, 0.4-mm pitch package or a QFN48, 7- by 7-mm, 0.5-mm pitch package. It costs about $1.70 each in volume quantities.

(919) 676-5292

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