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Enhanced RTOS Supports MIPS32 Processors

The newest generation of this real-time operating system (RTOS) and development environment is based on a message-passing model that provides fast, asynchronous inter-process communications. The 4.5 release should find use in fault-tolerant or high-reliability, real-time applications, such as telecommunications infrastructure, wireless, automotive and industrial automation. It includes the following support and new features: a Gateway heterogeneous distributed system; MIPS32 system-on- a-chip (SoC) processor architecture; Device Driver Architecture board support packages; and IBM’s low-power PowerPC 750CX/FX and 440GP. The 4.5 also incorporates a POLO developers kit, which is a package of custom boot loaders for systems developers. POLO contains support for flash programming of programs and data, including executable images (monoliths), load modules, as well as board and system configuration parameters. Support of all company source code products for building under Windows is available. WinNT and Win 2000 are both supported. Further enhancements of 4.5 include upgrade of Bluetooth to specification 1.1, a new Flash Access Manager, and an upgrade of the Emanate Full and Emanate Lite SNMP products to version 15.3. Pricing is $8,000. OSE SYSTEMS INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 392-9300.


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