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Entrepreneurial “Ecosystem” Launches For High-Tech

VentureOnLine is now in business. Launched by Amnon Aliphas, founder of TechOnLine, this gateway brings together entrepreneurs, investors, technology and business experts, project managers, and educational institutions in an effort to network and build business in the high-technology arena.

VentureOnLine offers plans of attack for investing/funding. Entrepreneurs looking for funding can submit a business plan for review by its technology and business experts, and investors/venture capitalists can join to gain access to the gateway’s deal flow and to its qualified experts network.

Experts in specific areas of technology, business, or applications can sign up to join the Experts Network. Such experts and other consultants in the network can assist project managers in developing a client’s project. And higher-learning institutions can come on board to participate in VentureOnLine’s programs to encourage and benefit entrepreneurship.

For more information, visit www.ventureonline.com.

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