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Electronic Design

EPIC Single-Board Computer Minimizes Power Consumption

The Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing (EPIC) has generated quite a following with vendors targeting different areas. WinSystems is focusing on low-power, fanless environments with its EPX-C3, which is based on a 733-MHz Via Eden processor with up to 512 Mbytes of PC-133 SDRAM in a 169-pin small-outline dual-inline memory-module (SO-DIMM) socket. The board supports PC/104-Plus and PC/104 expansion cards, and it is compatible with most x86-based operating systems.

The EPX-C3 peripherals include a 4× accelerated-graphics-port video controller with CRT, LCD, and low-voltage differential-signaling support; AC'97 audio; a 10/100-Mbit/s Ethernet controller; four RS-232 serial ports with optional RS-422/485 support; a parallel port; 24 GPIO lines; a pair of USB 2.0 ports; PS/2 keyboard and mouse interface; an Ultra DMA 100 EIDE controller; and a floppy-disk controller. There are sockets for CompactFlash and either a Disk-on-Chip, 512-kbyte SRAM, or 1-Mbyte EPROM chip as well.

The EPX-C3 is priced at $590.


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