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ESC Boston Product Roundup, Round 2

Though a show time change didn’t have engineers packing the floor until well after noon, the Boston Embedded Systems Conference was packed yet again especially with the combination of RFID World and SD Best Practices. I walked away with scores of new products to review from all the different fields represented in Boston. You can read the second round of those reviews via the links below. Lantronix XChip Meshnetics ZigBee Goes Open Source GrammaTech CodeSonar IAR Pushes Cortex-M3 Support AdaCore Delivers A Host Of Ada Tools VIA Vets 1.8GHz Mini-ITX Motherboard Hitachi Embedded Database Targets Mobile Devices Microchip Visits Boston ESC AKA Packages FPGA With Processors Atmel Covers Processors, Secure Memory and Cap Touch Is it GPL if it quacks like a Duck? Kontron Delivers Modules And Motherboards
Round 1 of ESC Product Roundups: Wireless, Security Hot Topics At Boston ESC

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