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Ethernet And Web Adapters Ease Interfacing Chores

For embedded applications, the EM01 Ethernet and EM02 web adapter modules promise to significantly ease a myriad of interfacing tasks. The EM01 module provides an interface to 10 Mb/s Ethernet and supports ARP, IP, TCP, DHCP, and DNS protocols by way of an on-board RISC processor. It also includes a serial interface for communica- tion with the control processor. Also providing a serial interface to the host, the EM02 module connects microcontrollers, single-chip processors, and single-board computers to the Internet via standard and GPRS-type modems. Its on-board processor handles all necessary operations and supports PPP, IP, TCP, DHCP, and DNS. Both modules, in 28-pin DIPs, measure 3.9 cm x 2.8 cm x 1 cm, operate from a 5V power source and are compatible with 3V and 5V signals. Single-unit prices start at $32 for either module. KG SYSTEMS, East Hanover, NJ. (800) 292-4303.


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