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Ethernet Card Offers Extensive Interface Support

Support for an extensive array of peripherals are provided by the Universal Ethernet Control Head, a tiny, 1.5" x 2.5" network-enabled board whose TCP/IP network stack was implemented so as to optimize code efficiency and minimized memory usage while implementing all RFC requirements that affect host-to-host communications. The Control Head lets users configure the multi-purpose I/O sub-system to meet an application’s exact needs, with the configuring achieved via three ports: Port A can be used with a display, parallel I/O and I2C; Port B can handle a matrix keypad and parallel I/O; and Port C features a card reader interface, serial channel, and miscellaneous status and control signals (it can be used as general-purpose I/O, as well). The card costs $30 each/10K; a development and evaluation board is also available for $230. For more details, call Edgard DeCoven at XIPHER, Hartford, CT. (860) 429-7231.

Company: XIPHER

Product URL: Click here for more information

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