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Ethernet Controller Provides Eight Channels

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Introduced as the first eight-channel Fast Ethernet controller on a PMC card, the ENET VIII uses Intel 82559 Ethernet controllers packaged in micro BGAs. The device can be used with any single-board computer that has PMC sites and it is also claimed to provide twice the port density of any PMC card. Each channel can operate at 10 Mb/s or 100 Mb/s and support both full- and half-duplex operation. An on-board PCI-to-PCI bridge enables data transfers on the device's local PCI bus to occur in parallel with those of a baseboard PCI local bus. Other features include front-panel access to four channels via RJ-45 jacks, a transition module that provides rear-panel access to an additional four channels via custom and standard backplanes, and green and amber status-indicating LEDs. The controller comes with drivers for Windows NT, VxWorks and QNX. Pricing is $599.

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