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Ethernet DOS Controller Breaks Price Barrier

Sporting an attractive price tag, the picoFlash 186-compatible DOS computer claims higher performance levels than similar, more costly products. Measuring slightly larger than a credit card, the board features a 40-MHz RDC R8822 microprocessor, NE2000 compatible Ethernet, 512 KB of DRAM and 512 KB of flash memory, two serial ports, 16 bits of I/O, hardware clock/calendar, and a socket to expand non-volatile memory using M-Systems' disk-on-chip devices. Royalty-free DOS is pre-loaded. Other features include a watchdog timer, 5V operation, and LCD support. A development kit is available that includes a picoFlash controller, cables, Borland C/C++ version 4.52 compiler, driver libraries, and documentation. Price for the board is $98, and the development kit costs $129. JK MICROSYSTEMS, Davis, CA. (530) 297-6073.


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