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Ethernet Driver Targets ColdFire Microcontrollers

Micro Digital Inc. has introduced an Ethernet driver for Freescale’s MCF548x and MCF547x ColdFire microcontrollers for use in 10- and 100-Mbit/s Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 networks. The driver is part of Micro Digital’s SMX.Blaze product, the SMX RTOS + TCP/IP stack bundle. SMX.Blaze offers networking and multitasking in a low-cost, integrated package for embedded systems and is currently offered for $15,000. Multitasking allows the networking and application portions to operate independently, which makes design easier. SMX.Blaze also provides processor-specific board-support package (BSP) and start-up code and tool-specific project and help files.

The MCF548x and MCF547x MCUs, which are high-performance microcontroller units designed for network-connected industrial control applications, incorporate a unique Fast Ethernet Controller (FEC) that is leveraged by Micro Digital’s specialized driver. The SMX.Blaze driver supports simultaneous operation of the dual FECs present on some members of the ColdFire family. All Micro Digital products work seamlessly with the SMX RTOS or standalone, or they may be ported to other RTOSs. The company offers free evaluation kits to qualified evaluators.


SMX.Blaze evaluation kits can be downloaded directly from www.smxrtos.com/eval.


All products are licensed on a per-product basis without royalties and with no per-developer charge. E-mail [email protected] for more specific information.


Visit www.smxrtos.com.

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