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Evaluation Board Supports Home Wireless Networking Designs

Supporting data rates up to 2 Mbps with a range of 300 m, the WLAN FHSS radio evaluation board is well-suited for designers developing applications based on the HomeRF Shared Wireless Access Protocol-Cordless Access (SWAP) specification. The board is IEEE 802.11-compliant for home and office wireless network environments. This frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum (FHSS) radio evaluation board uses a highly integrated four-chip set that provides designers with a low cost solution to the radio portion necessary for WLAN applications. The board implements the front end of a 2.4 GHz frequency hopping sub-system and includes all analog circuits from the antenna to the analog baseband signals. Transmit and receive paths are designed to meet or exceed the Shared Wireless Access Protocol-Cordless Access specification and key requirements of the IEEE 802.11 PHY specifications.

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