Electronic Design

Evaluation Board Supports Microsemi And Other Power Modules

The SGDR2500P2 dual-output, two-stage opto-isolated gate driver board operates with power electronics modules that use the company’s vertical-trench junction field-effect transistors (VJFETs) as the primary switches. The board provides electrically isolated high-side and low-side outputs with peak current levels of +20A/-10A and suits power modules like Microsemi’s 1.2 kV, 100A half-bridge APTJC120AM13VCT1AG. It can, however be used for projects in the development or qualification stage. The board self-generates isolated ±15V supply voltages, eliminating the need for multiple power supplies. Maximum switching frequency is 100 kHz and duty cycle is adjustable from 0% to 100%. SemiSouth Laboratories Inc., Starkville, MS. (662) 324-7607.

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